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    Data Processing


Wi-Fi Monitoring

Using passive monitoring, we gather smartphone signals and treat them as individuals providing footfall, new, repeat and total visits capture and bounce rates, dwell times and paths. Loyalty, engagement zones and popularity over hours.

Air Quality

Customized hardware in form of a compact sensor station to monitor air quality and environmental parameters, including Particles PM2.5 and PM10, O3, CO2, SO2, NO2, CO, NO, temperature, humidity, air pressure and noise around the desired Points of interest.

Social Monitoring

Manage your advertisements in smart ways. Get insights about the relevance of your brand in the social media in a time-series analysis. Trendwords, publications, comments, likes, etc.

Wi-Fi Services

Marketing redefined.
Embrace new ways to engage with your customers by running targeted Wifi campaigns and surveys, advertisements, customized pages and products.

Data Processing & Analytics

Using machine learning, and data mining to uncover patterns of usage, user peaks, . We provide insights on this data for our customers to identify patterns and trends across different industries; adding value back into the marketplace.


We intend to cover large commercial areas, tourism regions, hotels and touristic points and sporadic events without the need for expensive equipment and setups or the traditional cameras that require heavy image processing. In addition, it provides social networks information which is ever more relevant in today’s world.


Days analyzed

First deployed in 2016


Research Projects

Spinoff research Projects with several pilot tests

300+ Million

Unique devices analyzed


Tracked Locations


multi-sourced ashboard allowing to make sense of the data.

Dashboard With Social Prevalence
    • Count
    • Daily
    • Count
    • Hourly
    • Map
    • Dashboard
    • Chord View
    • Popular flows between locations
    • VitFlow
    • Integrated Visualization Dashboard
    • Popular Words
    • Per week

Solutions | What we do_

We use our expertise to extend your brand.

People Counting

Through Passive Wi-Fi monitoring of the smartphones carried by passerbys, we can provide anonymized analytics about site load, footfall, events and gatherings that can be used by marketing.

Wi-Fi Services

Provide captive portals with customized daily information such as offers, menus, custom client landpage and product advertisement from commerce and retail to bars and restaurants.

Social Media analysis

Follow words, locations, businesses, hashtags and more on Instagram, TripAdvisor, Twitter and Flickr.

External Factors | Events · Transports · Weather · Air Quality

Provides data explainability to the peaks and affluences in the different locations, by tracking events/fairs/holidays near that can explain the increase or decrease of footfall in a location.

About us_

We aim to provide customers with processed information to commercial platforms, touristic locations or accommodation about the customers and the physical environment around them. This includes people tracking via passive Wi-Fi, captive portal, social networks, weather, events and happenings around, but also public transport affluence (buses, trains, ships, boats). We process these different data sources by applying machine learning and big data techniques to reveal how these parameters can influence each other, showing the results on a dashboard with data analysing tools.

Our product innovates not only in the gathering of different data sources, but also in the method of tracking people unobtrusively in a passive way via Wi-Fi analysis. By sensing the Wi-Fi probes (sent when Wi-Fi devices are looking for nearby networks), we acquire an identifier which is anonymized and provides information about the same devices over different locations, where other methods do not enable.

People CountBest Choice

Wi-Fi Passive Monitoring Daily/Hourly/Peaks Commercial Areas Events/Fairs

Wi-Fi Solutions

Captive Portal Custom client landpage Product Advertisement

Social Network

Social Network

Instagram · TripAdvisor Twitter · Flickr Locations #Hashtags

External Factors

Events and Happennings Weather and Air Quality Air/Marine Transports Land Transports

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Our partners and supporters in business, hardware and consulting.


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