Bordal Interactive Visit


Bordal was founded in 1962 and are one of the main manufacturers of the famous Madeira Embroidery.
In 2013, the Historical Route of Madeira Embroidery was reinvented and enables a visit in several phases of Embroidery, where each visitor can see the manufacturing process live, alongside its history.
This mobile application for Android and iOS, provides an interactive tour enabled via Bluetooth smart beacons that detect the presence of the user in each stage of the embroidery manufacturing process, and show relevant information regarding it, as well as an audio description. The app can also be used outside of the factory without the interactive Bluetooth component.
Translated in 4 languages, the app allows the users and visitors to gather more information about the history, manufacturing and directs users to ordering of embroidery pieces and/or sewing kits.

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Date: 2019